How to Effectively Delegate Tasks and Achieve More

Author avatarAlain Wolf ·Apr 12, 2023

Delegating some of your work can help you become more productive. Depending on your roles as an accountant, you may have some tasks that you can delegate to other people. The goal is to focus on your important tasks so you can have massive success as an accountant and delegate the tasks that are not important.  


Here are some important points to keep in mind.

What are the tasks you can delegate? Think in terms of tasks that are not important to you. Think about your top 3-5 priorities and try delegating the secondary tasks. Also think in term of the tasks you enjoy versus the ones you don’t enjoy. Quick note: The idea is not to delegate all the boring work to someone, it’s just to help you be more productive on your top priorities.

Clearly define the task: When delegating work, it's important to clearly define what needs to be done, the desired outcome, and any specific guidelines or deadlines. Providing clear instructions and expectations can help ensure that the task is completed successfully.

Select the right person: Consider the skills, strengths, and experience of the person you are delegating the task to. It's important to choose someone who has the knowledge and capabilities to complete the task well. So think about members of your team or people you know who are willing to help you.

Provide resources and support: Make sure that the person you delegate the task to has access to the necessary resources, such as tools, equipment, or training. Also, provide support and guidance throughout the process as needed. A simple sentence like “if you need any support or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!”. If you see that the person is always asking you questions instead of finding the answers on their own, you can tell them to come to you with their solution and then you can give guidance.

Encourage autonomy: While it's important to provide support and guidance, it's also important to allow the person to take ownership of the task and make their own decisions. Encouraging autonomy can help build trust and confidence in the person's abilities. You can tell them the tasks they can do on their own without your supervision.

Establish clear communication: Set up regular check-ins or meetings to track progress and provide feedback. Encourage open and honest communication, and be available to answer questions or provide clarification.

Provide recognition and feedback: Acknowledge the person's efforts and provide  improvement feedback on their performance if needed. This can help with motivation, and encourage future growth and development.


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