Accounting Mastery: 12 More Jordan Peterson Inspired Rules for CPAs to Dominate the Industry

Garrett Wasny ·Jan 5, 2023

Are you ready to take your career as a CPA to the next level? Here are 12 more rules for CPAs, inspired by Jordan Peterson's Beyond Order, to help you thrive in the accounting world.

Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world. As a CPA, it is important to first focus on organizing and improving your own work before attempting to critique or fix the problems of others. This means staying on top of your own accounting, audit, and tax procedures, as well as continuously seeking out ways to improve and streamline your work.

Pursue what is meaningful, not just what is expedient. As a CPA, it can be tempting to prioritize short-term gain over long-term impact. But true fulfillment and success come from pursuing projects and clients that align with your values and have a meaningful impact on the world.

Make at least one thing you do every single place a masterpiece. As a CPA, it is important to strive for excellence in all aspects of your work. This means putting in the extra effort to ensure that every project, no matter how small, is completed to the highest standards.

Care for yourself and your family first. As a CPA, it is crucial to take care of your own well-being and the well-being of your loved ones before focusing on the needs of others. This means setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and making time for personal and family relationships.

Do not allow yourself to become arrogant or resentful. Arrogance and resentment can be toxic and hinder your success as a CPA. It is important to stay humble and focused on continuous learning and improvement, rather than letting your ego get in the way.

Strive to make one room in your house as beautiful as possible. As a CPA, it is important to focus on creating beauty and order in your work and personal life. This could mean taking extra care to organize your workspace or finding creative ways to make your daily tasks more enjoyable.

Maintain your connections with people. As a CPA, it is important to build and maintain strong relationships with your clients, colleagues, and loved ones. These connections can provide valuable support and resources, as well as bring joy and meaning to your life.

Set your standards for yourself higher than anyone else could set them for you. As a CPA, it is important to hold yourself to the highest ethical and professional standards. This means continuously educating yourself, staying up-to-date on industry regulations, and going above and beyond in your work.

Pursue what you love, even if it's difficult. Following your passions and interests can bring fulfillment and meaning to your career as a CPA. Don't be afraid to take on challenging projects or pursue new areas of specialty, even if it means stepping outside your comfort zone.

Maintain balance in your life. It is important for CPAs to find a balance between work and personal life. This means setting boundaries, making time for hobbies and self-care, and not allowing your work to consume you.

Take responsibility for your own life. As a CPA, it is important to take ownership of your career and personal life, rather than blaming others or making excuses. This means being proactive and taking the initiative to make positive changes in your life.

Keep learning and growing. Continuous learning is essential for any CPA. Stay open-minded, seek out new opportunities for growth, and never stop striving to improve your skills and knowledge.

In conclusion, these 12 more rules for CPAs offer guidance on how to excel in your career and create a meaningful and fulfilling life as a certified public accountant. From focusing on continuous improvement and personal growth, to building strong relationships and maintaining balance, these principles can help you thrive in the accounting world. So don't be afraid to pursue your passions, set high standards for yourself, and always keep learning. Remember, as a CPA, you have the power to make a positive impact on the financial lives of your clients and the world at large. Seek out new learning opportunities to stay sharp and up-to-date in the industry.

Garrett Wasny is a digital skills advisor to accountants worldwide, and author of the forthcoming ebook and CPE Credit webinar, “ChatGPT: The Future of Accounting Has Arrived.” Check out his online courses for CPAs at



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